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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Script Run datapatch against all running instance in parallel

This script can be used to run datapatch against all currently running instances in parallel to apply sql patches after patches are applied on Oracle homes. It is helpful for post patching operations. It works for different instances running out of different Oracle homes and different home with different owners.

The script accepts one optional parameter as log file path, it will save log files under /tmp if no parameter is presented while the script is started.

In order to have the script succeed, please be advised about following limitations,

1. The script is only tested on Linux and AIX, it does not work on Solaris.

2. Only root or Oracle database home owner is supposed to run this script. If the instances are running out of different Oracle homes which are owned by different OS users, root user is recommended. Otherwise, the instances running out of Oracle home which owner is different from current user will be excluded.

3. Oracle database home is 12c or higher which supports datapatch

4. The script runs following command as root to retrieve Oracle home path
   Therefore, if Oracle home owner (normally oracle) runs this script, sudo has to be configure to grant the user privilege to run '/bin/ls' as root without being asked for password.