Monday, December 31, 2018

EM 13.2 AIX host shows as Linux platform after applied Agent Bundle Patch

 After Agent bundle patch 28533438 is applied on AIX agent, on the home page of AIX host, the 'Operating System' shows Linux instead of AIX. Some of platform specific software deployments through EM console may fail with incorrect platform similar messages.

The issue is caused by the bug 28789751 - Applying Agent BP Causing Config Change on Non Linux hosts.

It can be fixed by rolling back the patch and wait for next patch release, or take following as workaround,

1. Rename file <AGENT_HOME>/sysman/admin/scripts/, for example

   mv hostOSD.pm_28533438

2. Copy back old from backup created by opatch, the backup can be found from 

Here, <time-stamp> is the time stamp when the patch application was started. For example, I applied patch on Dec 31, 2018, the directory is following


Now under <AGENT_HOME>/sysman/admin/scripts/, contains the following two hostOSD files,

3. Refresh host configuration on respective host target home page

Login to EM console, Targets -> Hosts, click on host on which you applied patch and do the below

On host home page, click Host to open drop-down menu -> Configuration -> latest, click Refresh button on new window. Wait till the refresh job completed, then check the home page configuration.

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