Tuesday, March 30, 2021

OEM 13.4 New Imported RuleSet False Evaluation of Lifecycle Status

If Rule Set is defined for targets based on Lifecycle Status, and the Rule Set is exported and imported into Enterprise Manager 13.4, the Rule Set will be always activated regardless of Lifecycle Status.

For example, two Rule Sets are created in source Enterprise Manager,

   Rule Set A for targets which Lifecycle Status is Production
   Rule Set B for targets which Lifecycle Status is Development

Both A and B are exported from source EM and imported into EM 13.4, and one target (no matter what value of Lifecycle Status) is brought down, both A and B will send out notification.

It can be fixed by manually editing the Rule Set. You do not need really to change anything of the Rule Set, just select the Rule Set and click Edit, then click Save.

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