Wednesday, April 14, 2021

OEM 12c/13c Agent Deployment fails with "Remote Validatons: Shell Path Validation Failed"

When deploying agent on OEM 12c/13c using 'Add Host Targets' wizard, the deployment fails with

Remote Validations:  Shell Path validation failed

Cause:  Shell path is incorrect or not defined.:/bin/bash(SH_PATH),-c(SH_ARGS) on host <host name> 

Recommendation:  Check the property values in the following files in this order, ssPaths_<plat>.properties or or, in "/u01/app/oracle/em13.4/middleware/oui/prov/resources" directory. If the property values are correct, then ensure the login user account is enabled for remote logins.For more details, refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Basic Installation Guide.

Most common reason why it happened could be one of following

1. Shell (sh, bash & ksh) location is different from OEM defined location
OEM defined shell location can be found from file 'ssPaths_<platform>.properties' under directory '$OMS_HOME/oui/prov/resources'. For example, if the errors happens on deploying agent to AIX host, type the content of file '' which looks like following
#the date should be in the format of year:month:date:hour:minute:second
DATE_ARGS=-u +%y:%m:%d:%H:%M:%S

On the host where agent is going to be installed, check if the executables/shell exist and are located at same place as in the OEM file 'ssPaths_<platform>.properties'. In previous example files, the executables/shell are


If it does not exist, you have to install it. If it exists but is located at different directory, edit the OEM file and replace the shell/executable path with the directory where the shell/executable is.

2. Incorrect user name or password configured in Named Credential which is used to deploy the agent

If incorrect user name or password is used, the error could also happen. If you do not have the password of the user defined in Named Credential, the issue can be confirmed by checking following log file on oms server,

For example, the failed deployment log is


And following message is found in the log
2021-04-13_12-59-55:INFO:===VALIDATION===:Checking SH_PATH on target nodes
2021-04-13_12-59-55:INFO:isWrongShPath:remotePathPropertiesLoc:/u01/app/oracle/em13.4/middleware/oui/prov/resources Platform id:212
2021-04-13_12-59-55:INFO:Running cmd /bin/bash -c /bin/true on node
2021-04-13_12-59-55:INFO:Action description Execution of command /bin/bash -c /bin/true  on host
2021-04-13_12-59-55:INFO:Attempt :1 pty required false  with no inputs
2021-04-13_12-59-56:INFO:/bin/bash -c /bin/true execution failed on host
2021-04-13_12-59-56:INFO: OUT null
2021-04-13_12-59-56:INFO: ERR WARNING: Your password has expired.
Password change required but no TTY available.

We can see that the password has expired, ask system administrator to reset the password and also update the password for Named Credential.

The easist way to eliminate this error because of user name or password issue is to ask system administrator to test the login manually out of OEM.

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