Saturday, April 24, 2021

OEM 13c Target "EM Jobs Service" shown as down in EM Console while all associated targets are up

"EM Jobs Service" target status is showing down in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control(EM) console even though all associated targets are up and running. It could be an issue with the metric collection definition. Usually it is seen at post blackout of associated targets.

The status of EM Jobs Service is aggregated target status, it is calculated based on the status of the associated targets. The associated targets and calculation logic are defined by default when the system is installed, and you can change it later.

The issue can be fixed by changing/restoring Availability Definition of the service as following,

1. In EM Console navigate to the following menu

     Targets > Services > Click on "EM Jobs Service" target

2. In "EM Jobs Service" home page, click on the tab "Monitoring Configuration" and then click on the link "Availability Definition"

3. Take a screen shot of the "Availability Definition" configurations, change the definition to a different option and click OK to save it.

    For Instance, If Availability Definition is to consider "All key components are up" (default definition), change it to "At least one key component is up" and save change.

4. Now revert "Availability Definition" of the service back to original configration by following the same procedure.

    For instance, change and save "Availability Definition" to "All key components are up"

The target status shows up as all components are up.

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